Evolts O3 Electric Bike Provides comfortable bike for senior citizens

EVOLTS O3 Electric Bikes


Evolts o3 Electric bikes is a designer and manufacturer of two-wheel vehicles that have been serving their customers for 20 years. Evolts is an electric Moped style bike brand that belongs to Atlas international group.

In their quest to satisfy their customer, they recognized most models were not really designed for the normal body shape, less athletic or older generation.

Motorcycles and mopeds are designs that usually required license and registration, so they were just not practical.

Having the love of their customer at heart and after several consultations, Evolts designed a new model with outstanding features that support the comfortability of their senior citizen.

Easy to Learn to Ride

Evolts o3 Electric bikes love of customer’s satisfaction and creative thinkingled to a wide range of excellent consultations. This helped with the invention of Evolts O3 Series model to satisfy the need of their senior citizen.

The new design Evolts Atom O3 Series possesses different features which make it easy to learn with much better power of control in different environments.

The new design support people with extra weight without causing discomfort.

It is easy to control the speed just using a simple push button, no gears to sort out or confuse people.

It is designed with three speed button selections so it is easy to learn to ride with wide tires so it is more stable at low speed.

This setting also makes it easy to ride with someone walking next to you and adjust the speed with the pedals or the throttle, without the fear of taking off too fast.

This can also be helpful in public areas where restricted speed is necessary.

This three-speed system will make it a more senior’s friendly bike and easier to control for many activities at lower speeds. Yet also gives you the capabilities to go faster when confident or it is necesary.

Built for comfortable ride

The new Evolts O3 electric bike Series comes with more comfortability such as Low centre, easy to get on and off.

  • The seat is wide for more comfort,
  • High-grade front Shock absorber,
  • Dual Rear Shock absorber,
  • Optional rear box,
  • Bag or helmet hook
  • Rear charging Port.
  • Three-speed coupled with the existing
  • Safety features such as turning indicators,
  • Hydraulic Disk front brake,
  • LED lights,
  • double button horn to warn people you are approaching,

Makes this bike perfect for people wanting the freedom to getting outdoors.

Economical and easy to use

In most states, no license required, no registration or insurance make it an economically viable method of getting around. With the capacity up to 300lbs, it gives newfound freedom to the senior’s community.

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What are the speeds for the push button Control

Setting One:   Is set to approx. 5 MPH.

Setting Two: Is set to about 10 MPH.

Setting Three: Is set to 20 MPH or full power.

What is setting one speed and power for:

Setting one: Set to approx. 5 MPH.
While you are learning or re-learning to ride. This is helps to keep the bike acceleration under control. The decreased throttle response makes it easier to move slowly.

Once you gain confidence, the setting allows you to pedal along with the bike at about 50/50% to get some exercise without straining yourself.

This setting is useful if you want to ride, while someone is walking next to you and adjust the speed with the pedals or the throttle.

Removing the fear of taking off too fast.

It’s also helpful in public areas where restricted speed is necessary.


What is setting two speed and power for:

Setting Two: Is set to about 10 MPH.
Once you get used to the bike it helps you to increase the speed gradually. 

Also is useful in some public areas or in neighborhoods or communities that require you to ride at slower speeds.


What is setting three, speed and power for:

Setting Three: It is set to 20 MPH or full power,

After you have been riding for a while and have full confidence or going up hills you now have access to full power.

It’s also useful when you ride with local traffic.


Lithium battery for Evolts O3
What are the battery options for the Evolts O3 Electric bike
The Evolts-O3 Electric bike model comes standard with a 14ampH lithium battery.

It is lighter than the Silicon Gel battery fitted standard to some other models.
It has enough range for most applications.

What are the other options for Lithium battery

More Lithium battery options

1.   A 20 ah lithium battery that adds about 40% range from the standard Lithium battery for people needing extended range.

2.   A 28 ah lithium battery that doubles the range from the standard 14 ah lithium battery, for people needing extended range or do not want to charge the battery as often.

We have a table with approx range differences between batteries.

This is the Chart for the lithium batteries


Evolts Electric Bike batteries

Evolts Electric Bike batteries