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Thousands of Version one and Version 2 sold


With over a million miles of data collected, we found different driving habits, modes of acceleration, and energy consumption all impact our riding.
Evolts working with distributors has successfully uncovered the real-city factors that influence our everyday riding habits.
Using the data collected from end users, varying from assembly, to years of riding we created Version 3.
Still the safest and most comfortable electric Moped bike that’s purpose-built for the city.

Designed and built for USA market

No License, no registration cost. 

* Check your local regulations

Still a market leader with the following:

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IMPROVED in version 3

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Latest Motor Technology not just more power


We improved the Power of the Evolts from Version one to version two with a 30% increase in Power.
In version three not only did we improve the use of the voltage in the motor but we are introducing one of the first waterproof tested electric motors on the market.
We started with testing in water, but understanding this may no be good enough if it is mixed with dust.
We tested many times then ran the motor for 6,000 miles or 10,000 kilometers immersed in mud.
Check the video to see the testing in action.  

A smart scooter that’s purpose-built for the city.

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Latest Digital Speedimeter


We had feedback that the speedometer was too small and hard to read.
Especially the battery capacity and the turning indicators.
We listened to the feedback and we have now added the latest digital speedometer, with larger digits and also the battery capacity indicator. 


It has never been a better time to own an Evolts bike.


New options & improvments based on your feedback.


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More Lithium battery options


Version one we started with Silicon Gel battery only. With the increase in power in version 2 we offered a 20ah lithium battery option.
This increased absorbed the additional power needed for the new motor and increased the range.
The feedback was, can we have a lithium battery equivalent to the silicon battery size also a longer range battery.
We have released two extra options:
1.  A 14ah battery which is a lighter and slightly stronger version of the silicon gel battery.
2.   A 28 ah battery that doubles the range of the silicon gel battery for people needing extended range.
We have a table with approx range differences between batteries.

 Why did you release Version 3?

Over the past 5 years we have improved the Evolt’s bike several times.
We move to a new version when we make major changes such as completely different packing and assembly processes or major changes to battery or motors like the 35% upgrade of power, improvements to battery wiring and introduction of a Lithium battery in Version 2.

Version 1 had 45 improvements before the major release of Version 2.

Version 2 had 40 improvements,

We know the base model is now stable, so there is an opportunity to create models for sectors of the market that had not been catered for.

We have been working on new technology that has never been seen in this sector of the market. Our water resistant motor is just one of the latest break through’s. The change in packing, shipping and assembly is also a radical change. We are offering additional Lithium battery options, with a smaller replacement for the silicon gel battery and a option for double the range.

 What are the changes in Version 3?


  • Our improved powerful water resistant motor
  • The change in packing with steel frame for protection
  • Changes in the shipping methods to match the packing
  • Changes cutting the assembly time and work by 80%.
  • Additional 48 volt 14 ampH Lithium battery option
  • Additional 48 volt  28 ampH lithium battery option
  • Upgraded LED speedometer that is easier to read.
  • New model model the Evolts O3 which has 3 speed speed and range control.
  • New Model Evolts L3 which has standard  48 volt 14 ampH lithium battery and 3 speed control for speed and power.
  • New Model Evolts T3 which has standard  48 volt 20 ampH lithium battery and 3 speed control for speed and power.


*  Subject to change




  • Type: Sillicon Gel
  • Battery Life: 25 miles*
  • Capacity: 12 Ah
  • Voltage: 48 V
  • Charge Cycles: 400
  • Removable Battery.
  • Can be charged off the bike
  • charging port at rear of bike


  • Lithium 48 Volt 14 amp hour
  • Lithium 48 Volt 20 amp hour
  •  Lithium 48 Volt 28 amp hour
  • 750 Watt.
  • 48 Volt.
  • Water resistant.
  • Rear Hub motor.

  • Max Speed: 20 MPH
  • Max Pedal Speed: 6 M
  • Throttle operated for ease of use.
  • Rear rack for secure loads.
  • Key operated for safe on off
  • Pedal and electric assist for hills
  • Electric assist bike for exercise
  • Low center, easy to get on and off.
  • Wide comfortable seat.
  • High grade front Shock absorber.
  • Dual Rear Shock absorber.
  • Bag or helmet hook
Safety Items
  • LED light, Low and High beam.
  • Hydraulic Disc brake.
  • Dual horn buttons.
  • Two stands, side stand and rear stand.
  • Rear foot pegs for second person.
  • High viability LED speedometer.
  • LED turning indicators.
  • LED hazard lights.
  • Electric assist Bike
  • 3 Lithium Battery options.
  • 3 speed controller.
  • Optional Rear storage box.
  • Wheel base: 45 inches
  • Dimensions: 64.7″(L) x 24.4″(W) x 39.7″(H)
  • Tire: 16″ (diameter) x 3″ (width)
  • Total weight  with Battery: 180 LBS
  • Total weight without Battery: 143 LBS