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Electric Bikes for adults


One of the first electric assist bikes built specifically for Seniors. Easy to ride,  full suspension, wide comfortable seat.


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The new senior’s model from the market leader

Designed and built for USA market

No License, no registration cost.

* Check your local regulations

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We had many inquiries from our distributors for a modified senior friendly bike.

We spoke to many senior’s or people with knee or Hip problems that restrict walking, they said it seemed the choice was nearly down to the four-wheel handicapped style vehicles.
While many said they were getting older, most did not see themselves using these just to get outdoors.

We spoke to many people who would like to try to use an electric bike to be able to be outdoors, but felt restricted with hip and knee problems so using a bike is difficult because the top bar is not easy to get your leg over.

Other people told us they worried about the power and being able to control the bike easily. 

Being a senior citizen myself I decided to design a bike that anyone could ride every day in comfort, one that made it easy to relearn riding a two wheeler and easy to control in different environments.

This led to the development of the Evolts-O3 Series electric bike for adults.

So what’s different about this electric moped bike model from the standard Evolts-V3 specification?

We began with the battery, while the battery can be recharged on the bike, it has a removable battery.
Instead of the Silicon Gel battery which is  24lb, for the Evolts-O3 we specified a Lithium Battery which is light around 10lb.
So it is easy to remove when not in use.

We fitted a new LED speedometer which shows larger view of battery capacity and speed, making it easier to read than the previous speedometer.

Most importantly we produced a new three-speed controller, this enables the use of different speeds and power.

On the first setting it maintains about 5 MPH.
This makes it easy to follow someone learning to ride, or for people learning to ride the Evolts-O3 Model themselves.

The second setting enables 10 MPH so if the person they are following is a bit more experienced they can still follow easily.
It is also a good setting for people to gain more experience on the Evolts-O3.

The third setting is for normal full use, This enables the Evolts-03 to be operated at full power.
There is more information below:


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Comfort Features


  • Low center, easy to get on and off.
  • Wide comfortable seat.
  • High grade front Shock absorber.
  • Dual Rear Shock absorber.
  • Optional rear box.
  • Bag or helmet hook.
  • Rear charging Port.
  • Family friendly bike

Safety Features


  • LED light, Low and High beam.
  • Hydraulic Disc brake.
  • Dual horn buttons.
  • Two stands, side stand and rear stand.
  • Rear foot pegs for second person.
  • High viability LED speedometer.
  • LED turning indicators.
  • LED hazard lights.
  • Electric assist Bike

Riding Features


  • 750 Watt powerful motor
  • Pedal and electric assist for hills
  • Electric assist bike for exercise.
  • Throttle operated for ease of use.
  • Option 3 speed.
  • Removable Battery.
  • Rear rack for secure loads.
  • Key operated for safe on off.
  • Front Steering lock.

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Set Speed to 

5mph, 10 mph or 20mph

Set your own comfort level

Three Speed Control


With the 30% increase of  power in Evolts from Version one to version two. 

Less experienced riders told us the electric assist has made the Evolts model harder to learn to ride or more difficult when using the bike at lower speeds.

So we developed a new 3 speed controller and system.

Setting one: Set to approx. 5 MPH.
While you are re-learning to ride, this is helps to keep the bike acceleration under control. The decreased throttle response makes it easier to move slowly.
Once you gain confidence, the setting allows you to pedal along with the bike at about 50/50% to get some exercise without straining yourself.
This setting is useful if you want to ride, while someone is walking next to you and adjust the speed with the pedals or the throttle. Removing the fear of taking off too fast.
It’s also helpful in public areas where restricted speed is necessary.

Setting Two: Is set to about 10mph.
Once you get used to the bike it helps you to increase the speed gradually.  As well as being useful in some public areas or in neighborhoods or communities that require you to ride at slower speeds.

Setting three is 20mph or full power, after you have been riding for a while and have full confidence or going up hills you now have access to full power.

This three speed system will makes it a more Senior’s friendly bike and easier to control for many activities at lower speeds.

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Latest LED Speedometer


We have now introduced the latest Digital speedometer.
The feedback on the last version was that the information displayed was too small the see easily while riding.
It now has: 

  • Clear display of the speed.
  • Larger display of the battery capacity remaining.
  • With a odometer to be able to monitor the total distance.
  • Large display that is easy to read day or at night.
  • It has indicator lights and high beam warning built in.

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More Lithium battery options


The Evolts-O3 series model comes standard with a Lithium battery. 
For seniors we wanted a lighter battery when they remove the battery from the bike.  Apart from the standard battery we have 2 options.
The Evolts-O3 model 14ah lithium battery is a lighter and has enough range for most applications.
The options are as follows:
1.   A 20 ah lithium battery that adds about 40% range from the standard Lithium battery for people needing extended range.

2.   A 28 ah lithium battery that doubles the range from the standard 14 ah lithium battery, for people needing extended range or do not want to charge the battery as often.

We have a table with approx range differences between batteries.

[dsm_text_divider header=”Evolts-O3 Specification” _builder_version=”3.26.7″ header_font=”Oswald|700|||||||” header_font_size=”36px” custom_margin=”28px|||||”][/dsm_text_divider]


  • Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life: 28 miles*
  • Capacity: 14 Ah
  • Voltage: 48 V
  • Charge Cycles: 800
  • Removable Battery.
  • Can be charged off the bike
  • charging port at rear of bike


  • Lithium 48 Volt 20 amp hour
  •  Lithium 48 Volt 28 amp hour
  • 750 Watt.
  • Standard 3 Speed Controller.
  • 48 Volt.
  • Water resistant.
  • Rear Hub motor.

  • Max Speed: 20 MPH
  • Max Pedal Speed: 6 M
  • Throttle operated for ease of use.
  • Rear rack for secure loads.
  • Key operated for safe on off
  • Pedal and electric assist for hills
  • Electric assist bike for exercise
  • Low center, easy to get on and off.
  • Wide comfortable seat.
  • High grade front Shock absorber.
  • Dual Rear Shock absorber.
  • Bag or helmet hook
Safety Items
  • LED light, Low and High beam.
  • Hydraulic Disc brake.
  • Dual horn buttons.
  • Two stands, side stand and rear stand.
  • Rear foot pegs for second person.
  • High viability LED speedometer.
  • LED turning indicators.
  • LED hazard lights.
  • Electric assist Bike
  • 2 Lithium Battery options.
  • Optional Rear storage box.
  • Wheel base: 45 inches
  • Dimensions: 64.7″(L) x 24.4″(W) x 39.7″(H)
  • Tire: 16″ (diameter) x 3″ (width)
  • Total weight  with Battery: 180 LBS
  • Total weight without Battery: 143 LBS