Evolts Electric Moped Bike

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Built for Ease of use with Safety and Comfort for the less Athletic.

Latest Version 3 Electric Moped

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EVOLTS V3 Standard Model

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EVOLTS L3 Parents Model

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EVOLTS O3 Seniors Model

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EVOLTS T3 Coaches Model

“If you thought the 2018, Evolts Street legal “Version 2″ POWER upgrade couldn’t get better”

FROM THE Electric Bike Moped Market Leader

Version 3 Designed and built for USA market

No License, no registration cost. 

* Check your local regulations


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Designed to suit the individual rider

Full throttle range for each of the settings.

First electric bike, with the simple Push button.


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Extra power for Experienced riders

Now with push button control of Power and Range
Controlled power for learners, parents and grandparents monitoring the children also coaches of teams and individuals training.


Setting 1

Learning to Ride.

Now you have full control with reduced power, while you get used to riding again.

Walking Speed.

Full control as you ride next to someone at walking speed.

Setting 2

Ride in Crowded places.

Now you have full control of the speed and acceleration, when in crowded places.

Running Speed.

Full control as you ride next to someone at Running speed.

Setting 3

Full Power.

Full control of the power from stop to full speed.


One of the first bikes to be fitted with reverse gear.

Why would Speed settings be necessary on my Electric Moped?

We increased the Power for the Electric Moped on Version 2 by 40%.
It is still a streel legal electric bike. People learning to ride or wanting to use the Evolts electric moped while riding slowly, told us it was more difficult to control.

We wanted to make the Evolts electric moped for adults safer and easier to use.

So we added 3 settings that give you a full throttle range for each setting.

Setting One:
If you are learning or getting used to the bike.
Or if you go with some one walking the dog, or just around the neighbourhood.
Even riding behind the children learning to ride their bike or Scooter.

Setting Two:
If you are in busy public places where you want more control.
Also when children learn to go faster on their bike or scooter. Or if you are a parent or coach, following someone exersizing or running.
Setting 3:
Gives you full power.

We believe this makes it one of the easiest electric mopeds for adults to ride, with complete confidence. 

Finally Battery Options to suit your budget or usage.

While Lithium Ion is generally the best choice.


For lower cost and useage Silica Gel batteries are a good option.


While Lithium batteries are lighter and last longer, we offer the choice of Silica gel batteries for people who may not need higher useage or are on a tighter budget.

“Both battery types have pluses and minuses we have more information for you to make an informed choice.”


Silica Gel batteries

Silica Gel Batteries are less expensive.

While the silica gel batteries are heavier you can charge them on the bike.

Silica Gel batteries are Safer and Inert.

The silica gel batteries have a Gel inside and can not catch fire.

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Lithium Ion batteries

Lithium Ion batteries last longer.

Lithium batteries ususally last 2-3 times longer than silica gel batteries.

Lighter and bigger capacity.

Lithium batteries are lighter and more compact so they can have additional capacity.


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What are the different choice for battery on my Evolts electric moped?

We offer Silica Gel Batteries.
We supply our Evolts streel legal electric bike fitted with Silica Gel batteries. The cost saving compared to Lithium Ion batteries  can be up to 60% cheaper. For people only using the V3 adult Moped for short trips or occasional use it can be a viable alternative.
Also some people  do not want Lithium batteries because of the fire risk. Silica Gel batteries are Inert (meaning they can not catch Fire.) 

We offer 3 size Lithium Ion batteries for the Evolts electric moped.

Next is the .

14 ah battery :
We start with the economical 14ah battery which  is recommended for lighter useage and for people who use the adult moped less often. .

20 ah Battery:
General use battery that has longer range. 
This battery is for daily use or using your electric moped every few days. It has a battery management system and can be charged on the bike or off the electric moped .
26 ah Battery:
This battery is for longer range and frequent use. The advantage is for normal use it is possible to ride the electric mopeds for adults for a few days without charging. Should you wnt to ride the Evolts electric moped for longer distance on weekends or for other ventures you have the battery capacity. 

We believe these offer a range of choices from the most ecconomical to the longer distance. Giving the consumer the ability to decide which option is best for their Electric Moped. 

EVOLTS Version 3 Comparison vs Electric Bike

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