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Atlas Motorcycles, division of Atlas International Group was changed to Atlas Electric Vehicles in 2011. From that time we changed our design and manufacturing focus to Electric Vehicles.

Our latest Series three models are due for release in March 2020

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Atlas EV Services

Designing and manufacturing since 1999, working with small distributors to Global Corporations. 

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Electric Vehicle Design

We have been designing two and four wheel vehicles for over twenty years. Working with varied organizations  including some of the biggest factories and top global corporations. We understand the elements that make a great product and have the expertise to work with parts suppliers to ensure the final product is world class.

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We have produced thousands of models for over 30 countries globally.

Other Services


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About Us

We test every stage of the development of any models. We constantly work from feedback from our Distributors , Dealers and Customers

The Best in Technology


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